VIATRON SA is a Polish, specialized crane company established in 2010 for the needs of the wind energy sector.

The registered office of the company is in Gdynia, and its founder and a person actively managing the day-to-day activity of the company is Igor Pawela. With the funds obtained from EU subsidies under the Innovative Economy programme, Viatron purchased a prototype GTK1100 crane which was imported to Poland at the end of 2010. In July 2011, the company started its operational activity. The main area of activity of the company covers installation and assembly of wind turbines, but in its short history Viatron has executed a number of other unusual tasks. In April 2012, the company was awarded by Vestas - the largest producer of wind turbines in the world - the status of an approved service provider. In 2013, the full portfolio of orders and excellent implementation of large wind projects of Marszewo, Wicko, Iłża guaranteed Viatron the leading position in the Polish market of lifting services dedicated to the wind sector. On the fourteenth of August 2013, Viatron has its successful debut in the New Connect market at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Years 2014-2015 marked an even greater demand for specialized lifting services. In addition to a significant growth in activity and the number of lifted turbines, year 2014 was also a year of changes in the ownership structure of the company. In October, the controlling interest was acquired by Herkules SA, and a change of the financial investor into an investor from the business opened new opportunities for the performance of lifting work and for obtainment of contracts. Year 2015 was a period of greatest intensification of implementation of wind projects in Poland and a very active period of the activity of Viatron, crowned with record achievements in one of the largest Polish projects – Resko (38 turbines), where the assembly of eight 2MW turbines on towers with the height of 105 m in eight days, with the use of legendary GTK1100 crane went down in history of the wind sector in Poland.

Year 2016 brought about a change of legal conditions for Polish investors in the wind sector and stopping of further investments. Last projects were implemented in June, and specialized companies of the wind power sector had to emigrate and look for contracts in foreign markets. Viatron opened the international chapter of its history in hardly-accessible mountains of Scotland (GTK1100 crane) and in Sweden, beyond the Arctic Circle (LG1750 crane). After the difficult adaptation period, overcoming numerous difficulties connected with a different culture of work and financial efforts connected with the access to foreign markets, the company concentrated on operation of one crane (LG1750) and obtained new contracts in Sweden and Finland, becoming a member of a group of the world’s best lifting companies operating globally. Unfortunately this new and promising stage in the history of Viatron was suddenly interrupted on 7 August 2017 on the Swedish project of Solberg, when the LG1750 crane suffered a serious accident (without any human casualties) and was completely destroyed. In this situation, the conduct of further installation work became impossible, and the operating structures of the company were reduced by the end of 2017. At the beginning of 2018, the Management Board of the company took a decision on the commencement of a restructuring process which would help to keep the Viatron company and resume its business activity within the time limit planned under the restructuring agenda. On the twenty-sixth of March 2018, the District Court for Gdańsk-Północ took a decision on the opening of settlement proceedings.

The position and experience gained over the past years - with 39 projects where the company installed 318 turbines – form the basis for its planned return to the international lifting market. Currently, serious proposals of large partners re being considered, concerning the service of wind projects in the Middle East. The company has also commenced work on the construction of a crane of new generation, with the support of EU subsidy programmes POIR.

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