ARCTIC / March 2011

The first project of Viatron, the first use of the GTK1100 crane which performed a series of light lifting jobs to the height of 116m, during the renovation of the offshore platform WilPhoenix in the Gdynia Repair Shipyard. The operating activities connected with mobilization are extremely difficult, but at the same time highly effective because the GTK1100 crane (300t) had to be placed at the bottom of the dry dock with the use of the shipyard gantry. This event was widely discussed in the professional press (, Looking up).


SANNIKI / October 2011

The first wind project of Viatron implemented for Vestas. Efficient and timely delivery of the crane, and problem-free assembly of three V100 2MW turbines. In their every-day duties, operating teams were accompanied by a TV crew of the Discovery Channel - during the implementation of the project, shooting for the popular “X-machines” series took place with the participation of the GTK1100 crane. The programme was shown in 210 countries with audience exceeding 300 million viewers.


RESKO / July-October 2015

The largest of the projects implemented for Vestas and one of the largest wind projects in Poland; thirty-eight V100/2MW turbines grouped in the area of two communes: Brzeźno and Łobez in Western Pomerania Province. Despite the scale of the project and logistic difficulties connected with a significant level of dispersion of the turbines at the site and a tight schedule, the performance of the lifting work proceeded faultlessly. At the peak stage of the project, the record of the installation speed was beaten – the GTK1100 crane was used to install eight turbines in eight days.


MYCIELIN / September-November 2015

24 x Vestas V110, HH125m, 2MW. The first use by Viatron of the TC2800 truck crane which, after the completion of the Senvion project in Nowy Staw near Gdańsk, was transported without any complications to Mycielin and started to work on the construction of the Vestas wind farm in the middle of September. The use of TC2800 for medium-height turbines proved to be the best possible choice – the speed of installation of 3 turbines per week was achieved and, at the end of November, the construction stage of the project was completed. Efficient completion of the work enabled the company to use the crane on the Wola Szydłowska near Mława at the end of the year, which provided the company with additional revenues, not foreseen in the budget.


MAEVAARA / June-August 2016

10xVestas V126, 3.45MW – the first foreign project of Viatron, located in northern Sweden. The project was preceded by exceptionally complicated multimodal transport of 1000 tonnes of LG1750 crane equipment from Poland to the area beyond the Arctic Circle in the express time of 10 days. The installation stage of the project proceeded without any unexpected events, although operations in the area constituting a nature reserve (the territory of a landscape reserve), during the polar day, which entailed difficulties with sleeping and concentration, were not the easiest of all tasks.


JOUTTIKALLIO / August-October 2016

6xVestas V126, 3.45MW. After the completion of the Maevaara project and relatively short road transport (approx. 700km), the LG1750 crane was mobilized on the Finish project of Jouttikallio. For the first time in history, an attempt was made to assemble the world’s largest Vestas turbines (HH147m) in the producer’s native land of northern Europe. The LG1750 crane worked in its highest configuration, SL12, with a minimum operation radius of 30-32m. Lifting operations during project implementation went as planned. On the nineteenth of October 2016, the last of the 6 contracted turbines was installed.


GALAWHISTLE, Szkocja, UK / June-December 2016

Twenty-two Vestas 3MW turbines - the first foreign project implemented by Viatron with the use of the GTK1100 crane. Due to formal and organizational requirements binding in the UK and the complicated intermodal transport of the crane out of continental Europe, the project was preceded by long preparations lasting six months. The project was implemented in extremely difficult, mountain conditions (in the region of its operation, previously the record wind speed of 160km/h was noted). Despite initial difficulties with adaptation in the British working environment and despite delayed delivery of components, we managed to complete the project before the approaching season of winter storms.



Purchased by Viatron at the beginning of its activity, it did not evoke any trust of clients and specialists from the lifting business. Relatively light, free of counterweight, complicated and highly “larded” with electronics, it deterred with the appearance of its unusual, extendible structure. The experience of few lifting companies which had it in their fleet was also not encouraging. The Viatron team put lots of effort and implemented a lot of projects to gain perfect knowledge about the structure of GTK, convince the business about its advantages and improve the selected elements and subassemblies of the crane. Those improvements included the extension of front supports, the reinforcement and provision of extra actuators to the central part of the load-bearing structure, establishment of a system of access to upper platforms. Thanks to the new solutions, the works on wind projects with the participation of GTK1100 were fast, effective and safe.

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